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We Are Blessed To Have Both The Torah And The Messiah!
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  We are like no other Church you have ever attended.

Are you searching for the truth, but are unable to find it?

Be sure to visit us next Sabbath!!!

WWJD? What Would Jesus Do? This congregation is dedicated to that question, that is what we strive for and that is our Goal.

$5,000 Challenge

The 7th Day Church of God in Knoxville, TN is making the following public challenge:

The 7th day Sabbath (commonly known as Saturday), has not been abolished by God, and all true belivers in Jesus are commanded to observe this day as the Sabbath, now and forever.

We offer a reward of $5,000 to anyone that can prove this is not true from the pages of the King James, or New King James Bible. 

Sunday is not the Biblical Sabbath! If you take this challenge you will discover this for yourself. Contact us for more information.

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