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  We are like no other Church you have ever attended.

Are you searching for the truth, but are unable to find it?

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Who Are We

The 7th Day Church of God in Knoxville, Tennessee is a seventh day Sabbath observant, Torah observant, Christian congregation. We join with other Churches of God which observe the seventh day Sabbath, the Feast Days, and other teachings of Jesus as taught by His original disciples and practiced by the original and historic Church in Jerusalem.

Our members are zealous for the truth and have abandoned the traditions of men to embrace the teachings of Jesus, the historical Y'shua. We love God with all our heart, might and strength.

We host festival sites for God's holy days found in Leviticus 23 so that other like minded belivers in the Father of Jesus; the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob can freely worship our creator. 

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